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Privacy Policy


  The Group's website (the “Site”) is owned by the Jiade Art Auction Group, its subsidiaries and subsidiaries (the Privacy Policy is collectively referred to as “Jia De Group”, “our relationship”, “our” or other similar title or “Jia De” ") published and maintained.

This Privacy Policy governs your use of the Group's website and publishes it on the Website. By browsing this website and/or using the services provided by or through the website ("Services"), you agree to abide by the terms of this Privacy Policy and its possible revisions from time to time. This Privacy Policy may be subject to change as we update and expand the Content of the Services, so please check this page from time to time. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Group's Website Terms and Conditions and is generally governed by your use of the Site.

You may, in accordance with the instructions in the "Advertising Preferences" section below, choose or not to allow us to share your personal data with third parties for their marketing purposes:

Enter purpose
We value your privacy. In order to make your use of the services provided by the website more enjoyable, we may ask you to provide personal information and collect certain information about your interaction with the website each time you visit your computer. "Personal Data" includes, for example, your name, title, home and/or office address, email address, address and/or office telephone number, wireless and/or fax number, credit card and other payment information, demographic information, your location , artistic interest or preference, purchased artwork, auctions and auction records, bidding number, bidding amount, payment history, and/or other information that can identify you personally or can contact you individually when you are online or off the net . "Personal Data" includes "Personal Data" (as defined in section 2 of the EU Data Protection Directive). This Privacy Policy describes the personal and other information collected by our website and the purposes for which it will be shared. Please take a few minutes to read our privacy policy to find out how the Jade Group handles your information.

Purpose of usage
You have the right to "opt" or "do not choose" to allow us to use certain aspects of your personal data and to change your preferences regarding the use at any time. For example, when you are asked to provide personal information on this website, you may have the opportunity to choose whether: (i) receive commercial communications from us (on behalf of ourselves or third parties); or (ii) your personal The information is shared with other entities outside the “Jiaide Group” for marketing purposes. You may also make this request by browsing our advertising preferences page. You can also click on the "Don't choose" link in the received email to choose not to receive promotional emails or press the "Jade Group" mailing instructions to choose not to receive emails. Please be aware that it may take many days to update your preferences. During this period, you may still continue to receive information from us.

Please understand that if you choose not to receive promotional communications from us, we may still contact you about our relationships, activities, transactions and communications with you, including but not limited to tips on use (as defined above), tracking Auction items, wish list and status report. You can control how we receive these non-promotional communications by updating your account preferences. In addition, your request to share your personal data for marketing purposes with other entities will only become effective on the day we receive your request, and we will not receive it from you before other entities (ie, before you request it) Responsible for any communications received by the entity of your personal data. In such cases, please contact the entity directly.

User provides relevant information
We collect personal data from users of our website, for example, through the user's activities, transactions and online forms on our website. The information is collected through the following channels, for example, users registering on our website or applying for accounts or functions (such as When you register to view certain auctioned auctions or auction results, or when you use (as defined above), make online purchases (such as through catalogue purchases), fill out surveys, use our website "Contact Us" or similar features to submit comments or questions, send us an email, or submit your personal information to us via our website in any other way.

You can send information about our products and services to your friends and family members by clicking on "Share" or similar button on our website or in the email we send to you. In some of the above cases (unless you forward our email only to yourself), you can provide us with the email address of your friend or family member.

Website information

Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, Jiade Group will not sell, lease or provide your personal data to any other company.

Call center
Certain personal data are only available to certain Sotheby's employees' third-party call centres and other service providers listed below. The third party call centre must keep all sensitive information about you and your use of our website confidential. The Call Center may only use your information to assist you in registering or processing login issues and other services.

Service provider 
 We may seek a third party partner to operate our website and deliver our products and services, and may provide products or services to our website or our business purposes or through this website if necessary. Other third parties to the service (for example, on behalf of our website or database hosting company, address book hosting company, email service provider, data analysis company, distributor, implementer, and other similar service providers) Your information. These third party partners are responsible for the security and confidentiality of your data.

For certain sales, we have linked our catalog page to a third party website, and users of this service may be required to provide us with certain personal information such as email addresses. And we may use cookies to record you as registered users and to track what you are browsing. We use this information to improve our website, to inform you about the content and to invite you to participate in activities that may be of interest to you. You may request that we do not send any notice or invitation to you in accordance with the instructions in the Advertising Preferences section above.

After obtaining your consent, we will agree to share the name and email address we have obtained to use the function. It is your responsibility to protect your confidential information and to use it for no more than two times to invite other services you use. Click "here" to understand the privacy policy. You may ask us not to share your name and email address in accordance with the instructions in the Advertising Preferences section above.

Use website information

Most web browsers can be set to notify you when you receive a cookie and can choose to reject the cookie. In addition, if your computer has a Flash player installed, you can set or reject Flash cookies in the Flash player. However, refusal of a cookie may, in some cases, prevent you from using the display or features of the website or certain places or features of the website, or adversely affecting the above. If you allow your computer to accept "cookies", we may use "cookies" to save and sometimes track information about you. Cookies are small data files sent to your browser or related software by a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies will track the portion of your website and its contents, transactions and purchases, and store your shopping cart information, and/or user name and / or password, which we may use to send you specific messages ( For example, announce the new features added to this site since you last visited this site). Cookies allow us to link your use of other materials (including personal data) about you to our website. All of the above purposes are intended to enhance and personalize your experience on our website.

We may use "clear GIFs" (also known as "web beacons" or "pixel tags") or similar technologies on our website and/or in our communications to enable us to evaluate visitor websites, indicator campaigns, upgrades. Visitor information and website usage information to find out if you have visited the website or received a message. Clear GIFs are single-pixel transparent images (although they can also be visible images) that are typically placed on a web page or email or other type of message, retrieved from a remote website via the Internet, enabling us to verify that you have browsed or Receive a web page or message. Through clear GIFs, we can link the pages or messages you view or receive to your other relevant information, including your personal data. When you visit our website, our server will automatically collect Internet address data about your server. This information (ie Internet Protocol address or IP address) is the number that is automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider when you are online. When you need to browse the pages of our website, our server can record your IP address and sometimes your domain name. Your IP address is used to confirm you and collect the overall demographics of our customers. Our servers may also record links to you and our reference pages (for example, other websites or search engines); pages you visit on this website; websites you visit after visiting this website; you see and/or Click-through ads; other information about your web browser, computer, platform, related software and settings; any words you have searched for on this or referral sites; and other network usage recorded by our web server And data. We use this information for internal system management purposes to help us diagnose problems with our servers and to manage our website and to give you a personalized user experience. This information may also be used to collect demographic information, such as source countries and Internet service providers. We may associate this information with your personal data. Our service providers (including our analytics providers and email management partners) can perform any or all of the above activities related to the use of the website on our behalf. We will use your personal data provided to our website to respond to your request and to provide you with our products and services. For example, we will process and complete your order (such as catalog orders), respond to your requests and inquiries, and provide you with the services and features offered or available through our website. We may also use your personal data to compile our internal records. We may also report information about your account to the credit department. If your account has overdue payment, unpaid payment or other default record, it may be reflected in your credit report. We may check the information collected from you through different means or at different times, including personal data and website usage data, and use the information together with information obtained from other sources, including third parties. We can also compare your contact information with our global database to enhance our website and promote marketing. In addition, the website may display advertisements and other content that match your interests and preferences based on personal data and website usage information (including non-personal data) obtained from you or other sources.

In addition, we may use your personal data to send you notices or invitations to participate in upcoming events in the collection area where you have purchased (eg by email, email and similar), or otherwise contact products that may be of interest to you, Services, companies and events sponsored by us and others. In order to let you know as much as possible about your auctions and events that are of interest to our global sales and events, we may share this information with affiliates under the Jiade Group. We may also provide visitors to our website. Opportunities to obtain offers from other entities (other than the Jiade Group) that we believe are of service, products and tenders of interest to you. The information collected from these and any other websites is subject to the privacy policies of those websites. However, we will not inform your non-associated third party of any contact information for the marketing purposes of the third party unless you explicitly instruct us to do so. If you change your mind and do not want to receive third-party advertisements, please opt out by following the instructions in the Advertising Preferences section above. We may analyze user behavior to determine the personal and overall interest and use of our website and email.

Summary statistics
We may disclose aggregated information about user behavior to third parties in aggregated statistics, such as not describing or identifying the overall model or demographic report of any individual user, to measure the interest and use of our website and email.

Statutory mandatory disclosure
If we believe that disclosure is required by law, we may disclose user information to government agencies or other third parties. We may also disclose the necessary user information regarding the implementation of the terms and conditions of the Jade Group website, the investigation, or the disclosure of the services of the Jiade Group, or the protection of the rights, property or safety of the other party.

Access rights 
You can check and edit the personal data stored by your user account on our website by visiting your "Information" section of the account on our website or by sending an email to the email address at the end of this policy (eg your Password and other contact information). We will do our best to deal with your request as soon as possible. However, before we can provide you with any information, correct any inaccuracies or delete any information, we may ask you to verify your identity and provide other details to assist us in your processing. In addition, you have the right to request access to the personal data we hold about you at any time.

Security and security

The Jiade Group will take reasonable steps to ensure the security and integrity of all personal data submitted to this website, including providing your personal data to our employees and agents on a basis as needed. However, because the Internet has the nature of a globally open communication tool, we cannot guarantee that data will be completely safe from other parties (such as hackers) when it is transmitted through the Internet, or stored in our system or under our control.

If you contact us via email or "Contact Us" or similar features on our website, you must be aware that your message transmission may not be secure. It is possible for a third party to obtain information that you send through such transmission.

You may open an account with a username and password on our website. The password is encrypted, and the Jiade Group policy does not allow any employee or service provider to obtain your password. If you have created a new user name and password, you must keep your account password strictly confidential and you should be responsible for your visit or use of your password by any person or entity, regardless of whether you are visiting or using it or you. Representation of the representative, regardless of whether the person or entity is your employee or agent. You agree (a) will notify the Gardner Group immediately upon discovery that your password or account has been used without authorization or any other breach of security, and (b) ensure that you withdraw from your account at the end of each operation. Especially visiting websites on public computers. You are solely responsible for managing the dissemination and use of your password, controlling the access and use of your account, and notifying you when you wish to cancel your account on this website. We have no responsibility or obligation to bear any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this section.

We are not liable for any loss of your information due to errors or unauthorized actions by third parties.

If we have little chance, the security of your personal data held or controlled by us may be compromised and we will try to inform you of the development. If it is suitable for notification, we will endeavor to notify you as soon as possible. If we have your email address, we may notify you by email. You hereby agree that we may send notices by email. United States CHRITRS AUCTION INC