Business Development

Business Culture and Development

Chaters Auction Group established the vision of the global art kingdom in the 21st century. It is centralize and focus on the love for Arts, the development and innovation, creating a top-notch business in the world. The company determines to create a thriving future in response to the auction policy of the international market, with the concept of integrity, service, professionalism and excellence. We aim to implement a comprehensive art exchange platform and an international arts trading market for everyone in the world. In the milestone development, Chaters Art education is another sector established for the purpose of passing the valuable knowledge of ancient arts to the future generations by conducting workshops to enrich art lovers from different background, enable the public to learn about Chinese history and rich culture with artwork appreciation. Another major development - the Art Life Foundation was set up for the mission of saving traditional cultural relics and to preserve the history of the ancient arts for the future generations. Our group always strives our the best in different ways and continue to play a part to contribute to the society.