Unique Story Behind the Arts

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Unique Story behind the Arts



Artist Tan Chong Bin (Karang Guni Man)



Mr Tan, who is in his sixties, dropped out of school at the age of nine to work as a karang guni man to support his family. He collects and sell all kinds of old and unwanted stuff in the public. He started to draw his first cartoon at the age of eight and love to observe the artists who are painting on the street. At the age of twelve, he studied the style of paintings by different artist on his own. The American Artist, Jackson Pollock is one of his favourite Artist who he admired the most, he was inspired by him and created the painted watch for a charity event. In addition to his new creations, he painted nine masterpieces of ever changing artworks and one of them awarded for highly commended established Artist in the 2014 UOB painting competition. The masterpieces consist of nine different colours, which represents that each of us has their own hidden talent and potential along with the ups and downs of various emotions in life. The artwork for series of stamps, build up from scratch and glue-pigment arts were his special creations. Due to financial constraints, he also borrows money from others to buy the materials for paintings .


The self-taught artist did not attend any formal art course but overcome difficulties and challenges face in life. Mr Tan’s spirit to pursue an artistic living motivate us greatly and your contributions provide the support to encourage him to continue his journey of the arts. Price is negotiable. If you are interested to buy his masterpiece or wish to request to create a new artwork for you, please write in or email to our company. We thank you in advance and your contributions can assist to transform a life.