Auction Guide for Seller


How to get Started。。。?


Do you have any Ancient Chinese Arts or Western precious collectibles ?


Wish to know how much your artwork or antiques worth ?


1. Please call or email to arrange an appointment for consultation & valuation.

2. To avoid disappointment or long waiting time, booking is required. No walk-in.

3. Actual items have to be brought to our branch office for examination by our Professor / Senior Specialist.

4. No limitation to the number of items brought forth but require to inform us.

5. Off site valuation is also available, please contact us or find more details below.

6. Sending original items by post is not acceptable.

7. Print-out or photographs send by post will not be returned.  

8. If your item are big and bulky or located overseas, you may download the Auction Items Submission form with the below information and email to us:

    a) Owners name, contact number, country of living.

    b) Clear images of front and back of the items.

    c) A close-up images of the artists signature, mark or seal.

    d) Measurement with a brief description on how the item is obtain.

    e) Any Art report, Gem lab report, Certificates of Authenticity etc.

    f) Please allow 5 working days to process and revert back if the item is suitable for further assessment.

9. More details on the suitability, value, auction, risk and security management or freight charges will be advised during consultation. 

Confirmation of an auction item:

1. A consignment agent contract will be issued.

2. Valuation formation is derived from the item’s conditions, global market and the experience of the specialist, thus this forms the basis of the insurance. However, it is not the original price of the item.

3. Items will be covered under an approved international insurance company.

4. All information stated in the contract is strictly confidential under the Data protection Act.

5. Risk and Security Management fee (RSM) is non-refundable, it must be paid in full by the seller upon signing the contract .
   (RSM fee includes  custody, Storage safe, insurance & other 
risk and security management services).

6. It is only claimable after the respective authorities completed their investigations and concluded that the physical loss or physical damages is associate with fire or burglary.

7. Our company provides an exchange platform with a variety of artworks for all people and cannot guarantee each item to be sold successfully.

8. Contract takes immediate effect and all details shall not be changed once endorsed.

9. Cancellation of contract prior to the exhibition will need to pay for the full cost without delay.

Exhibition and Auction:

1. The date, time, venue of the event will be printed and advertised on different media.

2. Catalog will be issued to all international customers prior to the exhibition. Alternative, you can view online or place an order with us.

3. For Data Protection and copyright purpose, any photography / video or audio recordings is not allowed during the event.

4. This is a public event and no formal dress code is required.

5. Bidders are to register and pay a refundable security deposit before auction.

6. For absentee bidder: Staff will be assigned to bid on behalf of the buyer and an authorized bidder form with payment must be submitted beforehand. For more information, please approach our staff.

7. Result of Auction will be released in 4 days.