Risk & Security Management

Risk and Security Management for your valuables

Artwork Antiques Insurance Particulars

       In the artwork antique market, primarily due to uniqueness and rooms for further appreciation, all the auction items are subject to various risk factors, namely fire and floods as well as theft and robbery, not to mention the transit of the auction items for exhibition, storage safeguard and bidding process that shall also constitute various security concerns. Therefore, artwork antiques insurance is not only a must but also the most effective monitoring and protection measures.

Chaters Qualified for the Standard Operating Procedures set by an approved authority

       There are very few insurance companies providing insurance for artwork antiques. Our choice of insurance company will mainly depend on their background, license, reputation, underwriting capability, types of coverage and claims reimbursement etc. Thus, we selected an internationally renowned insurance company in England with more than hundred years of history.

       Chaters is the few rare auction company eligible for artwork antique insurance and meet the strict requirements set by the insurer in the way of possessing professional storage facilities to house valuable artwork antiques. Beneficiaries can have a peace of mind as all entrusted valuables such as calligraphy, paintings, porcelains, sculptures or other artworks are monitored consistently and well taken care under one-roof with high quality of risk and security management system.

       All Chaters’ warehouse facilities are tailored made for trust and safety against intruders, burglary, fire and water damages. Our facilities consist of tested safes with massive full length locking bar installed with 24-hrs / 7 days of security surveillance system, door access system, steps-verification, smoke-heat detectors, anti-burglary alarm equipment, wireless motion sensors, response monitoring service, water protection and thermostat sensor for humidity temperature control and other settings. CHATERS not only have an in-house dedicated team of experts & professionals for assessing the valuables, create digital imaging and process the making of detailed illustrations but also a high technology build-in security management facilities and system to safeguard your valuables.

       The insurance premiums charged by CHATERS include the insurance premium, storage safe, security, safeguard, custodian and other security management expenses. The premiums paid by clients is based on the mutually agreed contract with benefits from our full facilities to ensure their auction items are protected properly and is the most effective insurance coverage specially for you.