Museum & Community

Museum Service

Our company supports the Chinese History and cultural development activities of the museum. We aim to promote Ancient Arts and enhance the public understandings and the appreciation of the Art culture. We play a part in providing the museum, education, corporate or the non-profit organizations with consultation and valuation to your ancient artifacts, personal property or collectibles.

If you wish to seek our assistance or partnership, please do not hesitate to write in and tell us more about your idea or suggestions.

Community Service

 We believe that everyone has their own talents and specialty. We identify new talent and supports local community arts by creating an artistic space for you.

Do you have a artistic talent?

Do you create your own masterpiece?

Do you come from a special background?

Have you attend any formal art course before?

Wish to sell your arts ?

Wish to pursue your Art dreams to regain confidence?

Do you have a story to share with us?

Please write in to us with a clear picture of your masterpiece for considerations. We anticipate to hear from you.